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ProBioSis Interreg III Greece-Italy 2000-2006


Development and promotion for organic farming producting systems (Pro.Bio.Sis.)

I 2101029

The major objective of “Probiosis”, the EU project approved by the managing authority of the Interreg III A Greece-Italy 2000-2006 initiative and funded with 850,000 euro, was to favour a sustainable rural development, compatible with the peculiarities of the area, via the promotion of biological agriculture production systems. The project was the natural continuation of a series of actions initiated by the council of agriculture of the Bari province and the Bonomo research centre of Adria (Bari). The initiatives aimed at development of a method for biological agriculture concerning some of the major crops (oil, cherries and vines) of the region of Apoulia (Italy) and those (olives, citrus and kiwi) of Epirus and (vitis) Ionian islands (Greece).

The means of achieving the project’s objectives was the set-up of a network including universities, research centres and companies from the two countries. In particular, the research activities concerned specific areas of intervention, such as cultivation techniques and crops protection, policies and instruments for local development and innovative systems for promotion of biological production, typical for the territory. The network was also strengthened via exchange of Greek and Italian professors, researchers and last-year students with the development of a common programme for education and research.

Research Centre Bonomo, Istituto di Scienze delle Produzioni Alimentari (ISPA), Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Bari (Lead Partner)
Provincia di Bari, Bari
Provincia di Brindesi, Brindesi
Provincia di Lecce, Lecce
Research Centre “Basile Caramia”
Istituto Agronomico Mediterraneo (IAM)
Dipartim. Protez. Piante Università di Bari, Bari
TEI of Epirus / Dep. FLA, Arta
TEI of Ionian Islands / DEP OrgFarm, Kefalonia

TEIEP Deliverables

Contribution to Act. 9.1. – Networking / Information sharing / Training [link to Training Schedule]
Contribution to Act. 9.2. and 9.3 – Organic treatment of phytoparasites of predominant local cultivations [link to guidlines for organic kiwi cultivation]
Contribution to Act. 9.4. – Rational use of water for irrigation in the framework of organic farming of olive, citrus and kiwi cultivations [link to relevant report, link to relevant web tool]
Contribution to Act. 9.5. Know-how dissemination

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Dr. Patakioutas G.

Dr. Tsirogiannis I.L.