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FAO-ISHS Fruit and Vegetable Small-Scale Farming Webinar Series: Urban and Peri-urban Production Systems for Improved Livelihoods

FAO-ISHS Fruit and Vegetable Small-Scale Farming Webinar Series: Urban and Peri-urban Production Systems for Improved Livelihoods
June 7, 2022 – 14:00-15:30 CEST

As part of the Fruit and Vegetable Small-Scale Farming Webinar Series, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) are hosting a webinar on urban and peri-urban production systems for improved livelihoods in low- and middle-income countries.

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The webinar will be moderated by Guido Santini, Programme Coordinator, FAO

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Basic information about the seminar

Rapid urbanization, population growth as well as shocks and stresses such as climate change, pandemics and conflicts are putting increasing pressure on urban food systems. Strengthening the resilience of urban food systems is essential for food security.
Urban and peri-urban agriculture can contribute to food system resilience through short supply chains, enhanced rural-urban linkages and increased diversity in the food supply chain and distribution.

Especially the production of fruit and vegetables offers great opportunities for urban and peri-urban farmers due to their qualification as high-value crops, and many farmers depend on these for their livelihoods.
However, in view of their high perishability, labour-intensity and investment, it is critical to ensure access to appropriate knowledge, skills and inputs for sustainable production, and to markets.

Sharing context-specific practical solutions can leverage the uptake of sustainable production in urban and peri-urban areas that harnesses current innovations and technologies adapted for use in low- and middle-income countries.
This webinar will discuss challenges, opportunities and progress in support of the development of sustainable fruit and vegetable-based food systems, drawing on topics such as:

  • Sustainable production and market access for smallholder farmers
  • Simplified practices and technologies, including soilless cultivation, micro-gardening, vertical greenhouses, household and rooftop gardens
  • Successful coping strategies of family farmers under protracted crisis conditions
  • Development of food policies supporting urban and peri-urban agriculture


  • 14:00–14:05: Opening remarks by Jingyuan Xia, Director of FAO Plant Production and Protection Division
  • 14:05–14:20: Keynote speech by Dr. Francesco Orsini, Associate Professor, Research Centre for Agriculture and Biodiversity in the Urban Environment, University of Bologna, Italy, and ISHS Division Chair of Landscape and Urban Horticulture
  • 14:20–15:05: Panel discussion with: Mangiza Chirwa, Project Manager Healthy Food Africa, Hivos Zambia; Ahmed Sourani, Co-Founder & General Coordinator, Gaza Urban & Peri-urban Agriculture Platform (GUPAP); Alexandra Rodríguez Dueñas, Coordinator of the Participatory Urban Agriculture Project, Municipality of Quito, Ecuador
  • 15:05–15:25: Q&A session
  • 15:25–15:30: Concluding remarks by Fenton Beed, NSP Team Leader – Rural and Urban Crop and Mechanization Systems, FAO