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Professional rights

Graduates of Plants, Animal Production and Floriculture-Landscape Architecture

For the graduates of the former departments of Plant Production and Animal Production there are guaranteed professional rights according to the Π.Δ. 109/89 (Government Gazette A 47 / 10.2.89, article 1) and Π.Δ. 109/89 (Government Gazette A 47 / 10.2.89, article 4) respectively.

To date, no comprehensive decision has been issued to secure special professional rights for graduates of the former Department of Floriculture – Landscape Architecture, except:

  • PRESIDENTIAL DECREE NO. 154 (Government Gazette A 202 27/12/2017) according to which the graduates of the department “Floriculture and Landscape Architecture” of the TEI of Epirus are included in the branch / specialty of teaching staff of secondary education PE18.30 “Greenhouse crops and Floriculture”, which is provided by the provisions of article 14 par. 1 and 8 approx. ιη ́ του ν. 1566/1985 (167 A ‘), in combination with article 15 of law. 1586/1986 (37 A ‘), and the no. D2 / 31826 / 23-12-1986 ministerial decision (932 B) ‘, as amended and in force,

Graduates of the Department of Agronomy

On 4/4/2017, submitted to the Ministry of Higher Education / General Directorate of Higher Education Directorate of Organizational & Academic Development Department of Higher Education Organization, a joint proposal of the Departments of Agronomic Technologies of
Technological Educational Institutions of the country for the regulation of the professional rights of their graduates. This includes professional rights for graduates of all fields (Plant Production, Animal Production and Floriculture – Landscape Architecture) of the Department of Agronomy of the TEI of Epirus, which emphasizes the need to issue professional rights for graduates of the former Department of Floriculture . You can see the text of the joint proposal here.

Data on the employment of graduates of the department

Information on the employment of graduates of the department includes:

DASTA TEI of Epirus (Interconnection, Innovation, Internship)

The Employment and Career Structure (DASTA) of the TEI of Epirus of the TEI of Epirus aspires to contribute to the creation of a unified framework for optimal coordination, synergy and complementarity in the implementation of the actions of the Liaison Office, the actions of Innovation – Entrepreneurship and the actions related to the implementation of the Internship of the students. The purpose of DASTA is:

  • To connect the labor market with the Foundation
  • To monitor and coordinate the individual actions: Liaison Office, Student Internship Office, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit and make Evaluations of their operation as well as improvement proposals
  • To monitor, collect and record information related to the services provided to the beneficiaries of all actions through an Integrated Information System taking into account ethical issues
  • To provide continuous information through the Website for all the activities and interventions of DASTA
  • To network with Agencies and Organizations related to employment and entrepreneurship
  • To take actions of promotion, publicity and dissemination of results
  • To organize Entrepreneurship and Innovation competitions of Ideas and Designs.

Professional bodies

  • Π.Ε.Π.Τε.Γ. – Panhellenic Association of Graduate Agronomists, 15 Veranzerou, Athens, Tel. 2614008232,
  • Π.Ε.Ε.Γ.Ε.Π. – Panhellenic Association of Geotechnical Professionals & Green Enterprises, Tel.2109570615,

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