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The quality assurance policy of the Undergraduate Program of the Department of Agriculture, School of Agriculture of the University of Ioannina is a continuation of the quality policy of the Department of Agronomy of TEI – Epirus, upgraded and enriched within the respective European Departments and of the Greek Academic Institutions.

The quality policy of the Department of Agriculture aims at:

a) In the appropriate organization and structure of the PPS of the Department so as to ensure the implementation of the basic academic objectives of its establishment, which is to cover the entire range of Biological Sciences and especially Agricultural Science, with emphasis on the science of Crop Production with direction Landscape Architecture, and Animal Production by incorporating in the education system modern scientific and technological methods of academic practice that ensure the innovation and the essential education of its students.

b) Ensuring for the graduates of the Department of academic and professional qualifications in accordance with the European and National Qualifications Framework of Higher Education and the prospects of the international profession in the field of Agriculture.

c) In the continuous improvement of the quality and efficiency of the teaching work with a strong presence of the academic staff, increased laboratory work of courses, innovative systems of education, meeting of the educational and productive space in learning choices.

d) The selection of excellent teaching staff with strict academic criteria and in accordance with applicable law for the selection of permanent and part-time teaching staff.

e) In the promotion of the qualitative and quantitative parameters of the research work of the faculty members of the Department through their active participation in competitive national and European research projects, in exchange-visit programs with foreign counterparts and research collaborations with agri-food companies and companies of international prestige in the field of agri-food, with parallel integration of research at undergraduate level.

f) In the connection of teaching with research through seminars with industry executives and mainly through the participation and inclusion of undergraduate students with criteria of excellence in research projects, but also the implementation of their dissertations and internships in prestigious companies in the agri-food sector.

g) Innovative systems of laboratory and learning practices in vivo working environment in productive and industrial areas with visits and workshops, in productive fields of model crops, farm animals, greenhouses and food industries.

g) The high absorption of the graduates of the department from the labor market in a national part, but also in an international environment.

h) The provision of high quality support services, such as administrative services, libraries and student care services.

i) In the continuous control and inspection of the PPS through the annual internal reports and the cooperation of the OMEA of the Department with the MODIP of the Foundation.

Ways of communicating the Quality Policy

The Quality Assurance Policy document of the Department is posted on the Department’s website (See, as well as the target document of the Department.

Institutionalized procedures are applied to ensure the quality of services to students by the MODIP of the Foundation. In the context of these procedures, the results of the internal evaluation / evaluation are reflected in the internal evaluation report prepared by the OMEA and which is posted on the website of the department and on the website of MODIP (See, ).