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Aquaculture – Pathological problems of farmed aquatic organisms

Government Gazette for the Establishment of MPS and Amendment

The Postgraduate Program (P.MS.) Aquaculture – Pathological problems of farmed aquatic organisms (M.Sc. in Aquaculture – Aquatic Animal Health) of the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Thessaly in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture of the University Specialization of scientists with degrees in geotechnical sciences and other applied sciences in the wider field of aquaculture (management of aquatic organisms and aquatic environment, prevention and treatment of diseases, improvement of the final product).

The goals of the program are:

Training of graduates (mainly geotechnical and biological sciences) with the necessary knowledge about the modern developments of aquaculture.
Understanding the basic principles of biology, physiology and well-being of the main farmed aquatic organisms in relation to variations in the quality of the aquatic environment and the requirements of the farming system.
Understanding the broader philosophy of prevention methods and applied treatment of diseases of aquatic organisms per stage of development.
Understanding the need to respect conservation methods and ways of intervening in the aquatic farming environment.
Business management and understanding of basic principles of animal husbandry economics.
Applications of quality systems in the production process and in the final product.
Preparation for postgraduate studies at the doctoral level.
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