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Creation of the Model Agri-Food Technology Park of Epirus (PATEPI)

The Model Agri-Food Technology Park of Epirus ( PATEPI) announced by the Ministry of Education and passed by law 4559/2018 will be a uniquely organized complex of sub-structures, whose activities can be summarized in the triptych: targeted research for tomorrow’s livestock production for special productions – education and training in innovative technologies for the production of distinctive products – opening from locality to globalization.

PATEPI is scheduled to be installed on the University Campus in Kostaki, Arta, and to operate in the building facilities of the Department of Agriculture of the School of Agriculture. It is the only active perspective for the immediate development of Epirus aiming at the implementation of innovative systems based on precision agriculture, the production of meat and milk with a reduced green label. The Department of Agriculture is a pioneer in Greece in this research, in the development of branded agricultural products of superior quality while preserving natural resources. At the same time, it will give identity to Greek and local production by applying cutting-edge technologies, transforming Greek production and production systems into a degree of export of know-how and standard production systems “made in Epirus / made in Greece”.

PATEPI includes:

  • Center for integrated agricultural education and production of standard local agri-food products.
  • Meat Innovation Center: Center of unique action for the promotion, identification and quality identity of Greek meat.
  • Standard bioclimatic breeding units for the production of meat and milk, as well as greenhouses with special characteristics and innovative properties.
  • Unit of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants aiming at the systems of their cultivation, their processing and their use in animal production.
  • Center for innovative production of biomaterials and tissue engineering from animal by-products.
  • Automatic monitoring unit for ecosystems and standard breeding, cultivation and standardization systems.
  • Cryogenic Unit for the conservation of rare and endangered species of Greek fauna and flora and Breeding Center of indigenous and domestic Continental breeds.
  • Reproduction and Genetic improvement center with artificial insemination unit (boar – ram sperm donors).
  • Model Greek Greenhouse with innovative plant protection and irrigation systems for the development of a special type of greenhouse constructions.
  • Permanent exhibition space – center for the sale of local agricultural products and local gastronomy.
  • Event space – Conference Center – Information Center.
  • Leisure structures (canteen, restaurant with special local products produced by the Park).

The documentation of the necessity of such an innovation center is that basically many Greek companies in the agri-food sector do not have a research and development department that produces knowledge and creates products targeted for each market. Also, there is no body that coordinates the actions of all involved, giving directions with the ultimate goal of producing products from local companies. It is also an important center for the lifelong training of executives, farmers, stockbreeders, as well as a new generation of producers with a certified training passport in animal and plant production through new technologies.

Based on the existence of PATEPI The innovation centers will provide first-class scientific supplies and untold advantages to the students of the Department of Agriculture, while their connection with the Agri-Food Industry at both Greek and international level, will enable the expansion of their professional space as an ecumenical level. is also the demand in Greek Universities, giving graduates excellent professional prospects and international prestige.

All the above should be the core of the strategy of the Department, but also of the University of Ioannina for Life Sciences and the productive standards of Agri-food in the country and in Europe.

The Department has made three proposals for the initial implementation phase of PATEPI which have been passed by its Assembly and have been given to the competent bodies of the University to be included in its strategic planning.