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The Doctoral Program (PDS) of the Department of Agriculture of the University of Ioannina has as its object the field of knowledge of the science of Agriculture and the related fields of knowledge. The purpose of the program is to train Doctors in accordance with international standards, capable of contributing to the advancement of science, research and its applications and to staff higher education institutions and research centers.

Introduction of doctoral candidates in the P.D.S.

The Department of Agriculture may announce doctoral student positions at the beginning of each academic semester or year. The deadline for submitting applications will be set by publishing the announcement on the website of the Department and the University of Ioannina. The scientific areas, the number of positions per area and any special requirements as well as the faculty members that have been suggested, are specified in the announcement. The announcement must be posted on the website of the Department.

In addition, the Department may accept an application for interest in the interim, during the academic semester, upon the recommendation of a faculty member.

The following have the right to apply:

  1. Greek or foreign holders of a Postgraduate Diploma (P.M.S.) of a domestic university or a recognized equivalent foreign title, in relevant scientific areas.
  2. Recent graduates of P.M.S. for whom a Postgraduate Diploma has not been issued and their swearing in is pending, but they have successfully completed the P.M.S. within the prescribed time and have publicly and successfully supported their postgraduate dissertation, if provided. These candidates must, in addition, submit a certificate from the person in charge of the P.M.S. for the above and are required to submit the final qualifications within six months.
  3. In exceptional cases, they are accepted as PhD Candidates and non-holders of P.M.S. provided that they are Graduates of Greek universities or a recognized equivalent degree abroad, who wish to prepare a Doctoral Thesis in a field for which there is no Postgraduate Studies program at the Department of Agriculture of the University of Ioannina, have at least one meet the relevant criteria for which, on a case-by-case basis, the Assembly of the Department decides or are University graduates of relevant disciplines, at the discretion of E.D.S., who wish to prepare a Doctoral Thesis and have completed training and have rich professional / research project under the condition of their outstanding performance, following a proposal of E.D.S. and following a reasoned decision of the Assembly of the Department (Article 38 of Law 4485/2017).

The interested parties should submit the following supporting documents to the Secretariat of the Department:

  • Application form for the PDS, which must indicate the proposed supervisor, the proposed title, as well as the proposed language of the doctoral dissertation, which may be different from Greek.
  • Draft doctoral dissertation (brief review of existing knowledge and documentation of the originality of the proposed research and its contribution to the development of scientific knowledge).
  • Copy of all qualifications.
  • Certificate of recognition of equivalence of degrees / diplomas by DOATAP (for graduates of foreign universities).
  • Copy of detailed grade for all titles and years of study.
  • Proof of very good knowledge of C1 / C1 (according to European language levels ( of English or another foreign language, as evidenced by : State Certificate of Language Proficiency or with a recognized certificate of a corresponding level of universities or certification bodies recognized in Greece according to the provisions of ASEP for level of language learning C1. Proof of knowledge of the foreign language is not required if for graduates of recognized degrees have been obtained abroad, where the courses are taught in the same language.
  • Detailed CV.
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from Faculty Members, Researchers (or from an employer if it concerns previous service in a research program or work in certified laboratories).
  • Evidence of research activity (if any).
  • Brief report of scientific and professional interests, which should state the reasons why the candidate is interested in doctoral studies.
  • Any other information that in the opinion of the candidate would contribute to his / her fuller evaluation.